Thursday, 13 November 2014

Broken glass

Along with my wife I was approaching an office building, we were both carrying very large pane of glass. As I looked at the building, I saw that every window was smashed. My wife aware of my clumsiness, kept telling me to be careful. 

I put down the glass pleased that I hadn't broken it. From out of the building, appeared our neighbour, Lawrence, he was wearing a workman's belt kit. He beckoned us inside saying he'd like us to see his work. We were surprised to see that inside he had crafted wooden swings and had painted them bright colours. 

I then became aware that I needed the toilet, a common feature in my sleep when I actually need to pee, it manifests into my dream. I went upstairs and found an empty room, I decided to pee over a table top for some reason. 

As I was about to perform this bodily function, when the door opened and an Asian woman entered. I tried to keep my back to her to avoid alarming her but after a while of her not leaving I decided to abort the mission. 

As I woke up from my sleep needing the toilet I could hear the 1991 Genisis song, 'I cánt dance', that song is still playing in my head several hours later. 


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