Sunday, 23 November 2014


I was being held captive in an underground facility, there were hundreds of us dressed in those white all in one scenes of crime suits. I was being hoarded in a large group like a sheep. 

Everyone, including myself were submissive and dutifully walked where we were told to go. Until I glanced down and noticed blood splatters on my sleeve. 

I seemed to come alive and upon seeing the blood, I smiled and manifested into TVs serial killer, Dexter. With this transformation, I set about planning my escape. 

I started singing, and slowly got others to join in, some playing instruments and some singing too. When I thought everyone was being entertained, I made my move. 

I walked over to a door and gave it a knock. It opened and I was outside in the daylight. A man, woman and child ushered me to a car. 

They were there to aid my escape but the child, a boy of about ten, started to play up about having to go on the lap belt on the back seat. 

As I got into the drivers seat, I turned from serial killer Dexter into my work colleauge, Matt. Getting into the car my trousers dropped exposing my arse crack.  

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