Thursday, 2 October 2014

Talking dog

Initially I was watching a tap on a sink. No idea why, nothing was happening with it, I was just starring at it. Above the sink was one of those instant hot water boilers that you get at work. I pulled the little red tap down and a bright purple liquid started to pour out. 

The liquid was cold fruit squash and it started to fill the sink. I did nothing to stop it as it overflowed and flooded the floor. 

Next I was looking through a window at people eating I a restaurant. Sat at one of the tables was a large German Shepard dog. It was sitting up like a human and using its paws as hands to eat from a plate. 

The dog caught my eye and walked out and approached me. It started to talk to me and I recognised him as my dads life long friend, Crossy. I then started to draw lines onto planks of timber in preparation to saw them. The talking dog told me he needed one block of wood exactly 10 inches in length. 

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