Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tablet head

Staring off I had rescued a load of children that had been held captive by a group of gorilla freedom fighters. When I say rescued, the rebels had just decided to hand them over and persue a less violent lifestyle. 

I arranged the children into groups,mainly into colour and size order but one group was children that owned smart phones and another that had red shoes on. 

Next I was under a bed cleaning up the clutter when I realised I was naked and wet. I crawled out from under the bed, opened a door and saw it entered into shopping centre. 

I called out to a child to get me a towel. He handed me a light blue coloured jacket. I put this on and walked out into the shopping centre. 

I then saw work colleauge Matt, who was talking about computer tablets that we are supplied with at work. As he talked I noticed that his hair was cut into the shape of a tablet. I pointed and laughed out loud. 

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