Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sister on ice

I was with my older sister, outside in the dark near to a river. There was enough light to see the water and to also see that it was frozen over. We walked along the edge of the river and chatted. 

Suddenly and without warning my sister stood on the ice. She looked at me as totally confident that she was safe and then promptly disappeared below the ice as it cracked and swallowed her up. I just stared at where she had been and thought to myself, 'I'm not surprised that happened'. 

Lastly I was actor Aaron Paul. He had killed someone and required me to help him with an alibi. I did this by taking him to a pub called The Blue Boar. We walked in and the barman greeted us. I ordered drinks and winked at Aaron. 

When the barman was pouring our drinks I turned his wrist watch back half an hour. I toasted Aaron when we received our beverages and smiled saying, "There you go, he will say we were in here at the time of the murder". 

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