Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Local shop

As my dad passed away over 11 years ago, it's alway nice to see him in my dreams. Last night I was at my mums house and it was decorated just as it was when I was a teenager. I was looking for my dad but couldn't find him. 

In the living room I found my mum and asked her where dad was. She looked confused and told me, "Dad isn't around any more, you know that". 
Then the door opened and in walked my dad, my joy at seeing him quickly vanished as I saw he was pale and very ill. 

My dad painfully looked at me and said, "I can't come back Son, this is what would happen to me". With that he was gone. 

I was next in my local village shop, I had a basket and picked some items from the first Isle. I turned into the second Isle to go to the checkout but couldn't get past hundreds of people. I ran up and down the end of the shop looking down each Isle. 

I was trapped and unable to leave, I'd never seen so many people in the local shop! 

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