Monday, 20 October 2014

Laughing Sean

I had driven my horse in a luxury transportation box up into the Crumbrian mountains. The box had accommodation and was a top of the range model. I pulled up outside a farmhouse and wondered why there was no parking. I left the box in the road blocking half of the carriageway. 

I let down the rear shutter that became a ramp for my horse to walk down. As it lowered, I talked to my horse, telling him he was having a holiday. The scenery was spectacular and as I led my horse out, he looked happy and content. 

I was then inside the farmhouse with my horse, standing in the kitchen diner. A woman that I didn't know welcomed us both and hugged me. Sat on the sofa was Sean, a supervisor from work. Sean was laughing a big hearty belly laugh, it was contagious and I joined in. 

I noticed another woman that I again didn't know sat on another sofa. She too started laughing and the four of us just laughed loudly for no apparent reason. 

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