Monday, 6 October 2014

Killer sister

The initial part of my dreaming involved my older sister, who in general I get on well with. However in my sleep she was attempting to kill me by stoning me to death. 
At first I thought she was joking when the first small pebble hit my head. 

Then as the stones got bigger and kept coming, I realised she meant business. I tried to run away but she continued to throw them, all making contact with my head and causing blood to drip down my face. I don't know the outcome as I woke briefly and missed it. 

I was next inside a hospital pretending to be a maintenance worker. That was was story if I got stopped and asked what I was doing. I walked done a long corridor looking for the electrical plant room, in my hand was a small transmitter. 

I found the room and was not seen by anyone. Once inside I started wiring up the device to the hospitals CCTV system. The door opened and a group of nurses entered the room. I immediately gave my maintenance man story and they accepted it. 

I was able to finish the job and walk out saying goodbye as I left. In my mind I was now thinking that I could veiw the entire CCTV system when I got home and tuned into the transmitter. 

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