Sunday, 12 October 2014

Keeping up with the James's

The setting was an country cottage set in the grounds of an old school. I was living there with my wife and it was late at night. There had been some high winds and I was aware that trees had fallen down within the grounds. 

We both set off into the darkness to check the damage and check that everyone was ok. We met an elderly woman who I assumed was the head mistress. 

She handed me a list of pupils still in the school and asked me to check they were ok. On the list was four names. I decided to wait until morning as there were just the four to check. 

When morning light came I discovered that on the back of the piece of paper were hundreds of other names. The head mistress immediately sacked us. 

Standing in the cottage with the sunlight through the windows our replacements arrived. It was Lee Ann and Andy and they were looking very smug about it. Lee Ann pointed at the windows and said how dirty they were. 
I was furious. 

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