Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Keeper of the keys

Walking along the sea front with my wife, we discover a bunch of keys half buried in the sand. My wife picked them up and decided it was now our mission to locate the owner and reunite them with their lost keys. 

I hailed a yellow taxi which appeared to be normal until it stopped and was the size of a double decker bus. We sat inside and immediately fell down the back of the leather seat and vanished. 

I was lastly in the loft of my Nan's old house. It was dark and I needed the toilet. I climbed down the ladder onto the landing and the house was in darkness. After using the toilet I decided to sleep in the spare room which was empty. 

I woke up feeling totally fresh and saw my nan on the landing. I told her how well I had slept and she said it's because that was the room I was born in. Which it actually was. 

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