Monday, 27 October 2014

Harry's happy shopper bus

I had got onto an old double decker London bus and I climbed the stairs to the upper deck. Upstairs wasn't what I expected, it consisted of a long conveyor belt running the entire length of the bus. At the front end was a rubber curtain simular to an airports luggage claim. 

The belt started up and from the other side of the rubber curatin, various grocery items started to move towards me. I then heard the voice of friend and work colleague, Harry over a tannoy. He was very happy and started to call out all of the items as if he was a bingo caller. 

Harry called out to me to pack the times into bags before they fell off the end of the belt. Instead of doing this I looked up to the ceiling and noticed it was made of concrete and that a nail was half banged into it. 

Ignoring the shopping falling around my feet I raised my arm and found that I was holding a hammer. I then made several attempts to hit the nail, none of which moved it at all. I could still hear Harry as I frantically smashed the nail with no effect. 

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