Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Goat in the pig house

I began last night by visiting a house with my wife and two very old women. I didn't know the old ladies or the female that answered the door. She stated that she wasn't ready for visitors and asked us to wait outside. 

Whilst waiting what seemed a very long time, I got bored and looked up at the house to see a huge metal extractor fan ductwork raising up and over the roof. I decided that it wasn't fixed securely and set about climbing to the top of the house. 

Whilst fixing the ductwork to the roof I looked down and saw that my wife and the two elderly women had also got bored and they were weeding the garden. 
Looking into the rear garden I saw our guinea pigs house, which is actually a chicken coop. Inside of it was a goat. 

I was lastly at work sat behind a desk. Two supervisors came in and asked what I was doing sat in the bosses chair and that I should get out before I got into trouble. I smiled, turned my name badge around on the table to face them and looked at their shocked expressions. 

I was the boss! 

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