Thursday, 23 October 2014

Ginger cats unite.

I started off by being in a huge boat, a boat so big I looked like a tiny dot on it. It was an ordinary vessel but just of gigantic poportions. The reason I had taken refuse on this massive ship, to prevent being caught and eaten by King Kong. 

I hadn't seen the oversized ape but knew he was after me and so I hid on the boat and sailed away, hoping this would save me. 

Next I'm in my car and see a woman broken down at the side of the road. It was dark and very late and so I offered her some help. She was of course a little unsure of me and initially refused my offer of a lift. I got out and opened my boot. 

As I assured the woman I wasn't a serial killer, I loaded a clothes airer into my car. I then noticed that on the front passenger seat was my ginger cat called Bear. Bear is a house cat and never leaves the confines of our home. I was a little alarmed to see him, and even more frantic when he jumped out and ran towards some trees. 

I chased him and found that he was sat with serveral other ginger cats. He was happy to find others of his kind. I scooped him up and popped him back in the car. The woman and her car had vanished. 

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