Thursday, 9 October 2014

Clint Eastwood condoms

I started off by waking up in my old childhood bedroom in my mums house. As I was heading downstairs I dumped into Naomi from work, who had been asleep in my sisters room. She told me she had been arguing with her boyfriend and stayed the night to get away from him. 

We both sat at a table for breakfast and saw my dad watching TV. On the TV was a programme about a woman who was drowning in chocolate bars. They were all in their wrappers and she had stepped onto a big pile of them and fallen up to her neck. 

We watched as the woman slowing sunk into the chocolate puddle and vanished. My dad looked up from the TV and over to us and said, "That's not your sister, who is she?"  I explained that Naomi was stopping for a while at which point she stood up and walked out. 

Next I was movie legend, Clint Eastwood and was approached by two men inside an abandoned warehouse. Both men reached into their inside jacket pockets and produced a condom in a wrapper. They tore open the packet and handed me the wrapper but kept hold of the condoms. 

I opened an electrical power box which had two empty condom wrappers sellotaped to the inside of the door. I held up the two wrappers that the men had given me and the rips in them matched exactly to the ones taped to the door. 

I then walked further into the warehouse were I found my mum sat looking at a fish tank. She told me she was buying a budgerigar and was waiting for it to come out of quarantine. 

Inside the tank were fish swimming around. I didn't have the heart to tell her. 

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