Friday, 10 October 2014

Car issues

My dream involved my wife last night, we were traveling somewhere in my car overnight and had a sleeping child in the back seat. No idea who the child was as we don't have any. My wife was driving and I looked at the fuel gauge with was almost empty. 

As we pulled into a garage, my wife started stalling the car, she got out and pulled the wiper blades off the front windscreen. She then got back in, drove it another few feet, got out again after stalling it a second time and ripped the headlights off. 

As she was doing this I noticed that the fuel gauge had moved back to full without even having put any in. I decided that I would take over the driving to save losing any further parts of my car. 

Next I was going swimming and entered the changing room carrying a rucksack. I was only wearing my swimming trunks and before entering the pool I had a quick check to see what clothes I had for afterwards. Unfortunately the only clothing in my rucksack was a pair of socks and one of my wife's tops with flowers printed on it. 


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