Friday, 17 October 2014

Boy band & dead chicken

The setting was my place of work and I was sat at briefing waiting to start my day. With me was my good friend Matt, who hadn't been in for ages and he was getting some stick from everyone else because of this. 

Then in walked Kallum who also hadn't been in for ages. I shouted, "Here's boy band!" Mainly because of his styled hair that never moves. Everyone in the room cheered and clapped. The supervisor told Kallum he was working with Phill and his face dropped. He promptly turned around and went home. 

Next I was running over towards what looked like a dead body in the street. When I got there it was in fact, pieces of cooked chicken in a red sause. I scooped them up and ran inside to a dark warehouse. 
I found a sink and started to wash off the sause under the tap. 

Lastly I was back in work and went to collect my bag from the shelving where everyone stores it. I started to shout and swear as mine had been moved from its usual stop. I then began to throw other people's bags around the room in my rage. 

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