Friday, 31 October 2014

American PJ

I approached the house of my dads oldest friend, knowing that the house was empty as he has long since passed away. 

When I entered the place was in total disarray, it looked deserted, dirty and cluttered. It was dark and smelly. 

In the corner of the living room was a rabbit hutch that contained a grey bunny. It seemed happy enough. Under the stairs was a cage containing two mice. 

I was next on the outside of the house and I saw my next door neighbour, Bill who is American. Bill was wearing bright red silk pyjamas. We chatted for a while until a car pulled up and a group of female Americans got out. 

As soon as Bill knew they were from the U.S, he stopped talking to me and totally ignored me. It was at this point that I noticed I was totally naked. 
I turned from them all and walked away as dignified as I could given nude state. 

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