Thursday, 11 September 2014

Web execution

I was hosting some kind of web conference with a live feed from the room I was in. With me in the room were three men who I had previously tied to chairs. I couldn't see who was on the other end of the chat but knew someone was seeing me. 

One by one I pointed a pistol at the head of the three men and pulled the trigger, executing them. As I shot dead the last one I said, "This is what I do to terrorists". I then calmly switched off the camera and walked out of the room. 

I was next in a very dirty alleyway off of a city street. It was a dead end and piled up at the bottom of it were old cars, fridges and other rubbish. Happily playing amoungst the rubbish were two small boys, sitting close by to them was my wife who had one of her shoes stuck under a car tyre. 

I approached them but no one could see me and I observed without being noticed. Underneath one of the old cars a hundred tiny eyes watched, on closer inspection I could see they were mice. On top of the same car was a metal tray that contained massive flies sitting on eggs. 

I then looked along the alley towards the street and saw an old man and woman with a brown golden retriever. They had come into the alley and the old man started to thrash the dog with his walking stick, he then handed it to the woman who did the same. 

I ran towards them totally enraged just as they started to leave. The old man was just about to hit the poor dog again and I grabbed his walking stick before he could bring it down. I put my face against his and shouted, "I'm going to do the same to you, you old bastard!"

I grabbed the stick from his hand and he cowered before me, I raised the stick high above my head ready to beat the man for what he had done. I woke up before I struck him! 


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