Friday, 12 September 2014

Victorian wonder

Hard to explain what I saw in my sleep last night, but here goes. 
I was at the foot of a huge modern skyscraper and was in need of getting to its summit. I don't know why but I just needed to be on top of the massive structure. 

On the side of the building was some kind of cradle which was connected to a system of cogs and a long metal pole which climbed the outside of the structure. Inside the cradle was a woman dressed in a Victorian style long dress. 

Under the cradle was two peddles simular to that on a bicycle, I turned them with my hands and a tune began like that on a music box. The cradle then began to wind upwards on the pole towards the sky. The Victorian woman waved her hand in royal spender as if addressing her subjects to cheers and gasps. 

I then realised that by standing at the bottom turning the peddles, I was denying myself getting to the top. I stopped turning them and everything abruptly ended. Including my dream. I woke somewhat disappointed.   

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