Thursday, 25 September 2014

The wonder stuff

I had invented a magical potion, a miracle elixir. It took on two forms, it could be sprayed as a gas or injected, both having different results. I was within an armoured tank sat in a large room in the dark. Just my eyes were visable at the top, as I carefully checked my view. 

A voice shouted out for me to hand over my potion. I fired serveral shots from the tanks gun which hit people with a gas containing the potion. They immediately dropped to the floor. Once I was sure no one was awake I got out of the tank. 

I then set about walking amoungst people who I would randomly stick a dart into, the potion would rush through their bloodstream and instantly change them. Once inside them it would make them happy, carefree and give them hope and determination to change their lives for a brighter future. 

Anyone doubting my potion would get it in the gas form which dropped them to the floor instantly, I don't think it killed them, but nobody got up from it again. I spent my entire dream dispensing my magic potion in these two ways. 

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