Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The building site challenge

My initial dream involved work colleague, well not her exactly, I was looking at a calendar and she was the photo above each month. They were all tastefully taken shoots of her in various poses but she was naked in them all. 

Nothing was revealed and they were carefully positioned to be classy and not tacky. When I had finished looking at the calendar my wife told me about her dream. I realised that I was still dreaming, but talking about a dream that she had had. 

Next I was on a building site, I was at first in a classroom which had kiwi and lemon plants growing out of the floor. A man was standing up front and showing various obscure stuffed animals. 

I managed to guess them every time and was presented a sack which contained my prize. I was just about to look in the sack when I was suddenly running about on the building site and I was lost. 

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