Sunday, 7 September 2014

Taser & deodorant

I was mostly at work last night and my wife's supervisor Ben had given me a taser gun, which I knew I shouldn't have but took it hoping to use it on someone. I headed off down a long corridor to go outside and try out my new toy. 

As I walked the corridor I saw ahead of me dozens of men and women in suits. They had guns protruding from their jackets and I instantly knew they were secret service or MI5 or simular. In the middle of these very serious looking people was work colleague Faz. He was wearing jeans and a T shirt. 

As I walked past him I pinched his bottom and wolf whistled. Faz totally ignored me and pretended I wasn't there. I carried on walking disappointed by this. 
I was next back upstairs in the office where Ben was and Sarah was sat at her desk eating a bowl of cereal. 

I pulled out a can of deodorant and sprayed her in the face with it. She started choking asking me why I'd done that. I laughed and walked away, then remembered I still had the taser. I then dismissed using it on Sarah and left the office with her still coughing. 

Lastly I was in my mums living room and I'd received a brown boxed package. I carefully opened it and it contained brown coloured Doctir Martin boots. I removed all the packing and then realised I needed black boots for work. I tried to re package them but they just wouldn't fit back in the box. 

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