Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Steven the frozen Lobster

I was on a beach which was deserted apart from two people I could see prodding at something on the sand. It was alive and crawling and I went over to investigate. When I got there the two people walked away and laying on the sand was a lobster. 

The lobster despite the warm sunny day, was frozen, covered in ice and shivering. I picked it up and it shuddered with cold and said, "Stevvvvven". "Oh you're called Steven are you, let's get you warmed up". I said. I then was in a room, I wrapped Steven in a brown blanket and placed him into a draw of a filing cabinet to defrost. 

Next I was the very large home of one of my neighbours. I was all alone and very lost in the vast complex of rooms, all of which seemed to link together. There were steps up into other rooms and the house just went on forever. 

I opened one door into a cellar and two miniature Bengal Tigers ran out, they were the size of hamsters. I tried to follow but lost sight of them as I entered an outside courtyard. In the yard was Countryfile's farmer and presenter, Adam Henson. Adam came over to me and hugged me as if he knew me. 

Finally I was going to work on a building site as a labourer. I arrived at the site to find it empty with just one person sat on a forklift truck. I saw that it was my work supervisor Adam, very oddly Adam had his hair back combed up towards the top of his head. He then had barbed wire around this with the top of his hair in a loose perm  

I said to Adam that it was only me here to work and he sat with his head in his hands sighing. I couldn't help but just stare at his hair, it looked as if he had a laurel around it but made of babed wire. 

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