Sunday, 21 September 2014

Rope chair

In stark contrast to last night, I began by dreaming that I was at a BBQ. It was summer and I was wandering in and out of the house and garden and trying to find someone I knew. As I approached people it became very apparent that everyone was Polish. 

I not only didn't know a single person there but couldn't understand anyone either. Eventually I decided that I'd leave and walked out of the garden into the playground of my old senior school. As I looked around at it, my friend Geoff walked up to me. He didn't speak but just smiled and walked on. 

Next I was with my wife in my Nan's old house. We were both on the ceiling looking down at the floor. We appeared to be just floating. My wife then started to tie some rope up onto hooks that were in the ceiling. 

Whén she had finished, there was an elaborate hanging chair. It was made from timber and the rope was through it connecting the pieces. It had about four or five seats in it and resembled a tree house. We both sat on a seat and gently swung back and forth.  

Next I was on a beech below a huge cliff, looking up at it. As I admired its slender I noticed two boys on bikes. They were part way up the cliff on a ledge and were spray painting graffiti onto the cliff. 
Enraged by this I ran up and grabbed hold of them. 

As I did this I suddenly changed locations and found that we were in a hospital corridor. A door opened and a doctor in a white coat approached us. I explained to him what the boys had been doing and the doctor started crying. 

He told me not to be harsh on them as they were both dying and that I should let them go. I told the boys to go, feeling bad about having grabbed them. As they got out of reach they both turned around and gave me the 'V' sign!

Finally I was in bed and I opened my eyes and saw my work colleague Richy in the room. He was getting dressed. He told me to get back to sleep, as I drifted off I noticed that he had dressed himself in a schoolboys uniform. He had shorts on and a cap like an old sytle kid from the 1950's. 
He flicked the light off and the room plunged into darkness. 

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