Sunday, 14 September 2014

Rescue mission

Last night I had plotted to rescue four children from their abusive parents. They had confided in me that their mother and father had been mentally and sexually abusing them for years. I hatched an elaborate plan to remove them from this situation. 

Along with the help of my wife, I'd hidden myself on a shop roof top with a set of binoculars and waited for the school bus to arrive. I shouted down to my wife that all four children had got off the bus and were walking the short distance to their house. 

In a detailed manovoure, we swooped on the children and bundled them into a car and head off into the night. When I drove past the parents house I switched the headlights off the car and sat watching the window of the living room. 

I could see the parents worried, looking out for their children. When they left the window I drove off into to the night. The journey took hours and all the children fell asleep. On the car radio was the 1972 song, 'It never rains in Southern California' by Albert Hammond'. 
I'm still singing this song now. 

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