Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pathe news

I started off by being at my Nan's old house, a place were I spent many happy years. I was very happy and content in the dream, sat around me were a group of old ladies, none of which I knew. 
One elderly woman was chatting about how lovely it was to live in the countryside and that it was a great way of life. 

I noticed my grandfathers old leather armchair, it was empty and I looked at it with fond memories of the great man. I then took our mini cordless vacuum cleaner and hoovered out all the crumbs from it. 

I next saw my older sister come into the room, she was holding a hair dryer. She placed it down on a table and said, "When I used this, the neighbours security light came on!" I advised her not to use it and laughed to myself that I had wired it to do that. 

Lastly I was in the street and watching as a house was having all of its iron fencing and gates taken down. A voice over man was explaining what was going on. He was the voice of the Pathe news reader from the old films that were shown in cinemas. 

He explained that in order to help the war effort, the iron was being used to build tanks. I was very confused as it modern day and the person who's house it was, was going to be very annoyed. I watched for ages as the fencing was ripped up and put onto a lorry. 

I then found myself in a very small kitchen that had beer pumps instead of taps on the sink, a teenage boy was dancing naked around the room in front of me. It was rather unpleasant as I couldn't get past him to leave. 

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