Monday, 8 September 2014


Today  my wife has her MOT on her car and I was planning on going with her. Last night I dreampt that's what we were doing. I was in a corner shop watching children stealing sweets when work colleague Normski came in. 

He told me my wife was outside waiting for me to follow her in my car to the MOT testing station. I looked outside and saw her little purple car driving off. I jumped into my car and followed her. I lost sight of her briefly and thought that maybe she had gone home. 

I drove towards our house and saw a small purple coloured car outside of it. I got out and walked towards the house only to see that the car was a different make and not my wife's. I then started to panic that she was waiting for me and I was late. 

I then suddenly switched from being outside my house to the inside of my mums house. I had entered via the front door and saw Stu from work standing on the bottom stair. I told him I had to get out of this dream and back to going to see my wife at the MOT testing station. 

Stu looked at my blankly and I told him that in order to get me out of the dream, he needed to punch me in the face. Stu seemed reluctant but I kept on insisting he hit me. In the end Stu clenched his fist and punched me full in the face knocking me out. 

Unfortunately instead of sending me back to see my wife, I woke up. My wife was asleep next to me in bed, so I guess it kind of worked. 

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