Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Frank Bruno's double trouble

Former heavyweight boxer and all round legend, Frank Bruno appeared in my dream last night. He was caught out in a heavy downpour of rain and was totally soaked. He descended the stairs on a city centre tower block and got to the roof. 

He headed towards a door that contained the air conditioning plant room, stood outside it were two teenage girls who were indendical twins. They too were wet through. Frank invited them into the plant room were it was very warm due to all the machinery inside it. 

Frank had an array of clothing hung across the room on string drying out, he began to slip out of his wet clothes, the girls did the same down to their underwear. Frank said that they both needed to take all their wet clothes off and gave one of his characteristic laughs. 

One girl said, "No way", and left the room, the other twin stripped naked, Frank put on some dry clothes and then informed the naked girl that there wasn't any clothes for her, again laughing. 

I was next with my wife in a large factory, I was pushing a trolley jack. The jack had a bent fork and wasn't able to be raised correctly. I asked the staff for a replacement fork but no one was wiling to help me. 

We were then suddenly inside the London Dungeons attraction. We had reached the end and were back at the start, somehow we were soaking wet. As we walked past the people queuing to get in, I shouted, " Be careful in there!"


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