Monday, 15 September 2014

Diving school

I began by being sent back to school, I was five years old again and was going to have to begin my schooling all over again. But despite being a five year old, my mind was that of an adult. I thought to myself that I was really going to be a bright kid. 

I entered a huge hall and found it to be a swimming pool with Olympic size diving boards. Everything slowed down into slow motion and I took a run up to dive into the water, just as I reached the waters edge, I turned back into my full adult size. 

I jumped stretching out my arms before me only to discover that I didn't have any. Still in slow motion I hung in the air over the pool waiting to hit the water with a thud. Instead of actually making contact with the water, I just hung in mid air with no arms. 

I then watched as my arms began to grow out from my shoulders until they were fully extended and the correct length, on my hands were a pair of black leather gloves, identical to the ones I had on in the previous nights dream. 

As I pondered the black gloves, just hanging there above the pool, I suddendly dropped and splashed into the water. I was then looking out into my garden which was flooded and at least three feet deep. My dog came running towards me as if stepping on the water and entered the house. 

From my open bedroom window I woke to the sound of rain outside. 

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