Monday, 29 September 2014

Cross dressing killer

Back to normal last night. When I say normal, I was in my mum's bedroom trying on bras. There was a  huge pile off them on the floor and I was trying each one on in turn. I opened the wardrobe and saw a man's long overcoat and thought that would look nice over the bra I had on. 

I slipped the coat on and was then aware of a man standing next to me, he told me to take the coat off as he wanted it. He produced a knife and showed it to me in a threatening manner. I moved close up to the man and stabbed him in the top of his leg and held the blade in place. 

We suddenly transported from my mum's room into the street with lots of people around us. I very calmly said to the man, "The knife is in your femoral artery, you are a dying". I then picked up my phone called the police and as I watched the life bleed out of the man, told them I'd seen a man collapse in the street. 

As the man's lifeless corpse hit the floor I calmly walked away, turning a corner I picked up a motorcycle helmet and jumped on a bike, roaring away. 
I was then in a basement that was a public house, the bartender opened a door under the bar and lifted out a pair of rubber gloves and handed them to me. 

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