Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Cash machine

I was inside a ATM or I was the cash machine, I couldn't tell which. I was looking out at the people as they withdrew money, as if I was seeing it through a CCTV camera. 

Andy from work appeared in my view and punched in his pin code.  He asked for one hundred pounds and the cash draw opened. Andy held up the draw with one hand and took the cash with the other. When he had the money he noticed more money at the back. 

Still holding open the draw, he kept grabbing more money and put it in his pocket. He looked around him to make sure no one had seen and made good his escape. Running around the corner he was laughing. 

Out of sight Andy took out the cash and counted his prize which amounted to a thousand pounds. Happy with his free money he walked off stil laughing. 

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