Monday, 1 September 2014

Billy Scott burglar

I was taking a written test that involved some maths questions also. I was getting very frustrated as I normally do with any kind of exam. I hadn't been able to complete it in time and a man snatched my paper from me while I was still writing. 

He held it up and laughed, saying I couldn't spell and his five year old child could do better. I could feel a mix of anger and embarrassment boiling up in me. I was either going to hit him or just run away from the situation. In the end, my dream changed to another scene and I was very glad of it. 

I was in a house and saw someone tip toeing around ahead of me. He had on a black eye mask, a black and white vertical striped top on and was carrying a large sack with the word 'Swag' on it. A stereotypical burglar. 

I crept behind him and put my hand on his shoulder and shouted, "Got ya!"  A very startled Scott from work looked around at me. I was shocked and said I couldn't believe he was a burglar. Scott said, "I'm not a burglar, what makes you think that?" 


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