Thursday, 18 September 2014

Awkward moment

QAs much as I am fond of my friend and work colleague Davey Mac, it would still freak me out somewhat if I was to wake up in bed next to him. 
This is precisely what happened in the first part of my dream last night. I opened my eyes and rolled over to my right expecting to see my wife and was confronted by Davy doing the same going in my direction. 

There was a horrified look on both our faces as our eyes met and then a very awkward moment of silence as our brains attempted to make sense of the situation. Davey broke the silence after a while by just saying, "Dude?"

I got up and went to the toilet, I wasn't at home and found the lavortory to be a public convenience with three cubicles. I entered the middle one and when I lent against the partition, it collapsed and fell on top of the person sat on the toilet in the adjoining cubicle. 

Next I was in outer space, sent there by Nassa to prevent a rouge satellite from colliding with the Earth. When I say outer space, it looked like I was in a large darkened room painted black to resemble space. 
There was no weightlessness and I could breathe without a spacesuit on. 

The satellite had been made by my wife, which I was very impressed at. Unfortunately it had gone wrong and was on a collision course with our plant. I simply walked over to the satellite, which was about a foot away from a large globe of the Earth, pushed it and it moved away. 

This was sufficient effort to avoid the destruction of our plant and become a hero. I was informed to return the satellite to Earth but I couldn't be bothered to do this so I covered it up using my wife's new red coloured horse saddle cover. 


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