Sunday, 17 August 2014

Vegetable street

I was initially in a street that was made of vegetables. The pavement and road consisted of very neat squares of vegetable plots, carrots, potatoes and other various food, covered the street. 

I was next in a hospital corridor where work colleague George was riding a bicycle up and down, he had no care for anyone and was knocking staff and patients over as he frantically peddled repeatedly up and down. 

I was waiting for my appointment with a female that I didn't recognise, she was speaking softly to me, reassuring me that everything would be ok. I didn't even know why I was there. I was then told by a nurse that I didn't actually have an appointment book. When I looked at the nurse, she was the same woman that was just speaking to me. She had vanished. 

I walked out of the hospital leaving George still knocking people over on his bike and entered the car park. As I wandered away my good friend Matt appeared from nowhere and said to me, "Get back in there, your appointment has been confirmed".  

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