Monday, 4 August 2014

Tree hugging

Set to the 1973 song, 'Sorrow' by David Bowie, I was in a woods. Approaching very large trees, I was putting my arms around them and then pulling them out of the ground. 

There was no effort involved, they seemed to easily give up their hold in the ground and I continued to uproot serveral trees. I don't know if I had super human strength or they were just really easy to pull up. 

I also had a mini subconscious argument with myself before waking up. I could hear the David Bowie song playing whilst I was asleep and told myself to wake up and make a note of it. 

I replied to myself by saying that I'd remember it and therefore didn't need to exit my dream. I argued this to myself for a while and eventually woke without having made a note of it. 

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