Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Thank you V shave

To begin with I was in bed with my wife when I saw our neighbour Simon walk past the window and look in. Odd because our bedroom is on the first floor. 
I could then here him pushing the doorbell but I'd disconnected it and so just waited for him to leave. 

I was next knocking on a house and work supervisor Alex opened the door in a pink dressing gown. We chatted for a while and then Leigh came out of her house. I looked confused because these are two people that don't know each other outside of work. I was even more confused when Gareth pulled up in a white Triumph Stag car that had police written on it. 

Next I was in a hotel room and my younger sister was there too. She was attempting to unfold a sofa bed but couldn't work it out. I showed her how to do it. I then poured water on top of the wardrobe and it filled it like a sink. 

Next I was watching a man dressed in green shorts and a matching T shirt. He was jumping around on a field, dancing and singing. He started to sound like a TV advert, he said 'Before the V shave I couldn't do this because of the amount unsightly hair on my private parts. But thanks to the V shave I'm now free to dance and sing'. 

Lastly I was riding my push bike late at night. A tyre suddenly burst and water came out of it. Then more water started to pump out of the frame under the handlebars. The entire bike was made of water and ended up as a puddle. 

At this point Twelly from work arrived and offered me a lift in his car. I thanked him, jumped in the drivers seat and sped off leaving a very bemused Twelly at the side of the road.  

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