Monday, 11 August 2014

Soap opera living

As I fell asleep I was aware of my little toenail catching on the bed clothes and thinking that I must clip it. 
My dream began with me visiting my work colleague Ghost in his home. I found him in his bed and he invited me to stay. I slipped in bed next to him and he started to update me on everything that had been going on. 

To the tune of Eastenders, he ran through what had been happening, it was pure gossip and scandal. He finished by saying, "And there's the news about Caroline". As he said this work colleague Caroline entered the room. She was topless but discreetly covered her modesty with her arm across her chest. 

Caroline slipped in the bed next to Ghost and settled for sleep. I looked down at my little toe as I could feel something on it. It was covered with a plaster. (Band aid). As I decided to go to sleep the door opened again. This time an old boss from work called Mike came in. 

Mike had three old people with him. They sat down around the TV and put on Eastenders. It was dark outside the window, suddenly the street lit up with flood lights. I looked out of the window and saw the army were setting up. They had tanks, armoured vehicles and hundreds of soliders with guns trained on the house. 

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