Friday, 8 August 2014

Party time

I was at my mums house and she was having a party. Everyone was dressed very smart, my aunt and uncle, Joan and Ron sat in the summer sunshine. Ron in a tailored suit and Joan in her best dress. 

I arrived in the garden slightly casual looking in my appearance, I was concerned I was underdressed for the occasion but thought to myself that mum wouldn't mind in the slightest. 
In the garden was a rabbit run that contained two swans, they were looking after their young and hissed at me if I got too close. 

At the end of the garden on a raised decking area was a summer house. I lit a BBQ on the decking whilst my wife sat in the summer house. There was a wall that I looked over into a neighbours garden. 
They had a small pond, floating on the water was half of a house brick. Taped to the brick was a key, I wondered if it was for their house and briefly contemplated burgling them. 

Lastly along with my wife I was on a train, we were the only ones on it which was good because I was stood in a corner urinating into a jar. I woke up needing the toilet. 

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