Sunday, 10 August 2014

Nazi shoot & Mylie Cyrus.

I was in my own back garden which was full of German Nazi officers all dressed in their black uniforms. I was holding a shotgun and every now and again a Nazi solider was catapulted into the air from a clay pigeon machine. 
As they flapped and waved their limbs about whist raising into sky, I shot them down. I didn't miss once. 

Next I was entering a Wilkinson department store that had two floors. I was absolutely dead tired and my body felt heavy. I struggled to heave my body around the store, climbing the stairs to the first floor. 

Once on the top floor I appeared to be in the garden centre part of the store. I draped my aching body through the plants and noticed someone hiding behind a very large plant pot. 
When I looked it was Mylie Cyrus. She was naked and just stared at me as I walked past her. 

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