Saturday, 30 August 2014

Milk trees

Set in some vast field, that appeared to be inside, I was wandering around small trees that were planted in pots. As I walked around I wondered why the trees weren't planted in the ground. 

I rectified this by digging large holes everywhere in order to plant them. As I dug down I found that the holes were filled with milk. I popped the first tree into the milky hole, I looked around me at the task I had set myself. There were hundreds to plant!

Next I was in a shop and I had an empty cardboard box. I was walking around the store carrying this box in search of where to put it. I wanted to put it in the correct place in order to recycle it. 

I took some stairs onto the first floor and noticed a disabled man in a wheelchair, he was holding a cardboard box on his lap. I found a trolley that was full of cardboard, I broke down my box and placed it neatly on the pile. 

As I walked past the disabled man, he made eye contact with me and his face gave a look as if asking for help. I knew he wanted to recycle his box but I just smiled at him and walked away thinking to myself that he should look for himself. 

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