Saturday, 16 August 2014

Local shop

Very brief as I was rudely awoken again today, but had recalled the dream from earlier in the night. 
I was outside our local village shop and I could see that the lady who owns it was up stairs and the shop was empty of customers. 

I knew that she had CCTV and that if anyone entered the shop it would trigger the cameras and alert her to a customer. I decided to play a little game for my own amusement. 

I ran into the shop setting off a ringer, as soon as I heard that, I ran back out again. The shopkeeper appeared into an empty shop and then went back upstairs. After doing this several times, she was rather annoyed. 

The final time I attempted it, she was ready and jumped out from under the counter. I laughed briefly until I saw her angry face and decided it was best to leave. As I looked around the shop, I noticed that all the shelves were completely empty. 

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