Saturday, 23 August 2014

Kung Fu extravaganza

I was in a big house, my two children had returned home from school, (I don't really have any). As soon as they arrived I instructed them to quickly go into their rooms, collect anything that they valued and then come back to me. 

They promptly did this and returned clutching a handful of toys and books. I opened up a secret door in the floor which led to a vast underground warehouse. Sections of the warehouse were made into different areas. One was a complete sweet shop, with shelves full of jars of candy. 

There were shops, restaurants and rooms, everything we could possibly need. I told the children that there was no going back to our old lives and we were here for good. They stood and stared in wonder at the vastness of the place. 

I then clicked my fingers and the song, Kung Fu fighting started playing. Suddenly hundreds of people appeared and began to dance in time to the music like a flash mob. I sang out loud the words as I swayed from left to right clicking my fingers in time with the music and busting out martial arts moves. 

It was like a massive musical production on stage, hundreds of people singing and dancing in time. It seemed like a camera filming the whole scene, panned out and up towards the ceiling. Looking down at the extravaganza, the mass of dancing people was amazing. I woke singing Fung Fu fighting this morning. 


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