Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Killer sparrows & Mummies

I was actually woken up by the first part of my dream last night thinking it had happened. I was just in the street walking along when I was aware of a swooping sound around my head. Looking up I saw a house sparrow dive bombing my head. 

With each decent, the little bird got closer to me. He was clearly upset about something. I casually waved an arm a couple of times to scare it off but the feathered fella was persistent. Finally it swooped and landed on my shoulder and pecked my neck. I shot up awake in bed at the pain. 

Back to sleep again and I was in a very dark old castle basement. I was digging and hoping to find buried treasure. To my delight I discovered a tomb that contained a mummified body. Thinking I'd hit the jackpot I called in expert in all things to do with Egypt, Zahi Hawass. 

To my absolute dismay, he examined the tomb and produced a small label stuck on the side of the mummies head. He held it up, it was a bar code. He pronounced, "It's a fake!"

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