Monday, 25 August 2014

In your face

I was with another person that I didn't know. One of those occasions when I can see them standing next to me but can't see their face. This man seemed to know me well and together we opened a door into a building. 

As we stepped into the room, the floor disappeared beneath our feet and we plummeted down a huge slide. Twisting and turning as the slide descended what felt like hundreds of feet into the ground. We finally hit the floor with a bump inside a small empty room. 

We stood up unharmed, walked over to a door on the far wall and opened it. It led straight outside to a building plot. There was a large drop from the door and we both looked out at the vast empty site. I said, "Looks like this ride needs a bit more work to finish it". 

Next I was talking to someone that I couldn't see, I could hear the voice of a man asking me if I wanted the job on the local radio station or would I like the Radio One DJ job. I opted for the Radio One position then instantly regreted my decision, thinking that I'd hate the publicity. 

I was then trying to cut my own hair with electric clippers. I have fairly short hair and so only needed a trim. Every time I ran the clippers over my head, my hair grew around two feet in length. I kept trying to cut it and ended up with a full head of hair down to my shoulders. 

Lastly I was in a bar for a someone's celebration, not sure if it was birthday or an anniversary. Lots of us had gathered including my good friend Matt. Everyone was given a glass of champagne to make a toast. 

Matt started to moan that he hated champagne and pulled a face like a spoilt child. I just told him to pretend to drink it for the toast so as not to seem rude. The toast was made and Matt lifted his glass and threw the drink directly in my face. Cheers mate! 

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