Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hopelessly devoted to androids

The setting was the place of my birth, my Nan's old house in Harold Wood in Essex. It was night time and the house was in darkness. Along with my wife, we were in the dining room and had a group of lifelike androids. I have no idea what the collective name for a group of androids is, or if one even exists?

One of the androids was Princess of Pop, Kylie Mingogue, one by one we sent them into the adjoining living room and they stood in line and began to softly sing the Olivia Newton John song, 'Hopelessly devoted to you.' A hit back in 1978 from the movie Greese. 

My wife then told one of the androids to turn around and fade the others. They obeyed her command but when they did so, started shouting out loud. This caused the others to stop singing and to start screaming. I turned to my wife and said, "Why did you do that?"

It also transpires that at that precise moment I also spoke the words in my sleep, waking my wife. Instead of enquiring as to what I was on about, I was delivered a swift jab to the ribs, which in turn woke me. 

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