Thursday, 14 August 2014

Donkey subtitles

I was watching two very tiny baby donkeys running around in a field, they were making sounds that donkeys make, I'm unsure of the term for it. As they happily ran around I could see subtitles at the bottom of the field explaining what they were saying. Unfortunately it was in Spanish. Must have been Spanish donkeys. 

Next I was playing snooker. The table was the size of a football pitch and the balls were people. It was raining hard and the table was soaked. A young girl asked me to play against her team but I refused as it was so wet. I explained that I was the manager and I didn't play and certainly not in the wet. 

Lastly I was in my mums back garden with my dog Humbug. From next doors garden I heard Trevor who is a friend of my wife and myself. He was calling Humbug. I told Trevor to be careful because Humbug looked very wary of him. 

Trevor ignored my advice and put his head within inches of Humbug and tried to stroke him. As his ears dropped back and his expression changed, I waited for the inevitable to happen. I woke up before it did, I'm sure it wouldn't have ended well for Trevor. 

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