Saturday, 2 August 2014

Don't Judge me

Before going to sleep I was reading and my wife was playing snooker on her i pad. As my eyes grew heavy and the light grew dim, I stopped and fell asleep. 

I was in a garden playing on a child's snooker table, the table was flat on the grass and had no legs. Sat close by reading a book was my dad. He glanced up at me every now and again and smiled. 

It started to rain and I hastily attempted to put the snooker table away into a large cardboard box but kept dropping the balls in my haste to get out of the wet. My dad calmly continued to read unaffected by the rain. 

Lastly I was in a court room in the dock and I said to someone sat to my left, "If that judge, says 'What's your problem,' I swear I'll hit him". I was aware of a person next to, I couldn't turn my head to see who it was. 

The judge looked directly at me and said, "Now then, what's your problem?"   
I screamed and threw a huge white pillow at him, which hit him squarely in the face. I was then suddenly sat on my sofa in the living room with my wife. Upon seeing myself on TV hitting a high court judge with a pillow, I fell into fits of uncontrollable laughter. 

My wife joined in too and at times we couldn't breathe due to losing control and physically crying with laughter.  

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