Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Crisps & Pythons

I was drifting into my sleep when I heard my wife say, "Crisps!"  I then shouted out the same and asked her why she said that. 
The truth being that I just randomly shouted out crisps, my wife has informed me. 

I was next entering a school, all the children were very push but also all very drunk. They were staggering and laughing whilst swigging out of vodka bottles. I walked past all of them unnoticed and reached a wall of bright red ceramic tiles. 

I punched some of the tiles and they fell off the wall, behind the missing tiles was a door. I knocked off the remaining tiles and pushed open the door, I found myself outside in a field. I ran and approached a house, I entered the house and found I was in a huge hall where a party was going on. 

There were rows of long tables with people sat eating food. I realised I was in another school and everyone present were teachers. I noticed my wife on a nearby table and a man was standing behind her getting a little too friendly for my liking. 

My wife seemed preoccupied with something else and when I looked on the table there was a giant python snake. It was the biggest I'd ever seen and filled the table. My wife was watching it so intently that she failed to notice that she was being groped. 

Lastly an annoying boy in an England football shirt was running around causing havoc. All the teachers ignored him as he was a problem child and had given up on trying to help him. 
I sat the boy down and started talking to him about his behaviour. Within minutes I had him regretting his actions and crying like a baby. I was happy with my work. 


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