Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Beer, owls & Ferraris

I started off by being in a pub with my neighbour Bill and another man I didn't know. Sat at a table, we were all drinking pints of beer. I'd nipped to the toilet and upon my return, my beer was missing. I asked them where it was and they just laughed like schoolboys. 

I just stood up and said, "Right, I haven't got time for this", and motioned to leave. Bill told me to wait and produced my beer from under the table. He then went to the bar to order more drinks. As it was actually my round, I followed behind him. 

At the bar, Bill had ordered three pints, a bottle of wine and shots. I then realised that I didn't actually drink alcohol. I turned and walked out. 

Next I was in a barn and found a baby owl, I was amazed it let me so close to it and I was able to stroke it. It was at this point that I noticed an adult owl dead on the floor and realised the baby was all alone. I immediately decided I'd adopt him and started feeding him sliced pear. He loved it. 

Lastly with my wife, we walked to go and pick her car up from the garage. On the way we past piles of old furniture in the street, homeless people slept on it, covered with blankets. At the garage my wife's car was a blue Ferrari. I jumped in and drove off, reaching 100 mph. 

I heard someone saying that I would be banned from driving for reaching such speeds. I replied, "I know, and I really don't care". I then found myself in a sweet shop and bought the last packet of chocolate covered raisins. My favourite. 

Lastly I was in a children's home. It was an evil place full of sickness and abuse. It had been made to look like a space ship to appeal to the children, but it just felt dark and horrible. I walked into a long corridor with the feeling that I was trapped and could never leave. 

As I entered the corridor, the building started to speak in a dramatic echoing voice. "You can never leave me, you are mine". I ran back towards were I had entered but the door had vanished and I was in a never ending corridor. 

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