Sunday, 3 August 2014

Bedroom blitz

A very brief dream last night. I was in my childhood bedroom which is still the home of my mum. Having OCD always ensured my room was in immaculate order and very clean, much to the delight of my mum. 

My dream however had my room in total disarray, it was piled high with rubbish, toys and clothes. There was a small circle in the middle of the room where I sat surrounded by mess and disorder. 

I was clearly upset at this and sat surveying the room. After managing to control my anxiety at the chaos, I manged to formulate a plan of action for correcting the mess. 

I had worked out precisely were everything was going and was just about to commence when I heard a really loud rouring sound. I was shot out of my dream to a motorbike shattering the early morning silence.  

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